Jamie Stidham - Drummer/Manager

Forty-seven years ago, sitting in his booster seat, Jamie’s parents were unable to keep him quiet. The only way to keep the young percussionist satisfied was to put his booster seat on top of their old record player and play records. Once the records stopped, Jamie started. On average, he would get about 13 hours of music per day. Jamie received his first official drum kit at the age of 8 which started him down the path of Christian music. His family started a Gospel group which he joined at the age of 10. Jamie turned his life over to Christ at a very young age. He was also the very first drummer at the House Of Prayer church where he still attends today.

In 1994 he married his wife April and they had their first child Caleb in 1995. Their second son Jordan came along in 1998. Both are active in music and serving God. In 2000 Jamie started a contemporary band that God used mightily. Many hearts and lives were changed by what Jesus had done in and through them. After six years, they disbanded and Jamie went through a very trying time in his life, in which he stepped away from what God had called him to do and only attended church intermittently. Because of this, his marriage suffered greatly and he and his wife divorced in 2007. After losing his wife, job, band, home, and children, Jamie was in his lowest state, and that’s when he let Jesus take over. God used this place to show Jamie that he is “I AM”. After turning everything over to Jesus, Jamie remarried his wife April and was able to get his life back on track. In 2008, Jamie and his son Caleb joined the newly formed band “Without Form”. They just finished their newest recording project “I AM”. God brought Jamie from nothing to what he is now, showing his undying love for us all. Jamie’s walk with God is so much stronger now due to what he has come through. He believes the entire word of God and knows that he is right where he is supposed to be.

Since Jordan Started the band "Focus" Jamie came on as the drummer and the band's manager. Jamie has gone from playing drums to running sound and lights for the band. Jamie has taken back over as drummer in 2017.

I believe in the full gospel of Jesus Christ, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. He believes in the 5 fold ministry and the Gifts of the Spirit. He lives to serve Jesus Christ who is my life and my reason for living. He lives to make a difference in the lives of others.

"What you tolerate you will not change."